Nominate a Future Member

Citizens Academy Nominations

To nominate a community, business, academic, or religious leader for the 2024 Citizens Academy, please visit the FBI San Diego Community Outreach page and complete an online nomination form for each nominee by November 13, 2023.

What is the FBI Citizens Academy?
The FBI Citizens Academy is a stimulating eight-week (10-session) program that gives business, religious, civic, and community leaders an inside look at the FBI. Classes meet in the evenings at the FBI field office, a school, or other off-site building. The mission of the FBI Citizens Academy is to foster a greater understanding of the role of federal law enforcement in the community through frank discussion and education.

What are the goals?
■ To increase public awareness about the FBI, its mission, its activities, and its people;
■ To provide an avenue for the FBI to hear and respond to community issues and concerns; and
■ To strengthen relationships and improve understanding between the FBI and the communities it serves.

What can participants expect?
Participants can expect thought-provoking sessions designed to educate and stimulate discussion. Classes are taught by FBI executives, senior special agents, and program managers. Topics may include:
■ Counterterrorism;
■ White collar crime, including identity theft, financial institution fraud, health care fraud, and money laundering;
■ Cyber crime, including critical infrastructure and Internet safety; and
■ Violent crime, bank robbery, crimes against children, fugitives, evidence recovery, and hostage rescue.

What are the entry requirements?
Potential candidates for the Citizens Academy must be business, civic, religious, or community leaders, who meet the following criteria:
■ Must be at least 21 years of age,
■ Must have no prior felony convictions or be under investigation as a subject in any criminal case,
■ Must live or work within the jurisdiction of the local FBI field office, and
■ Must pass a limited background assessment.