You Can Help Crime Victims in San Diego County

Victim Assistance Project

FBI Victim Specialists work with a network of local non-profits and other service providers to help victims and their families cope with the impact of trauma resulting from violent crimes, crimes against children, human trafficking, hate crimes, white collar and cyber crimes. While there are a variety of programs dedicated to supporting victims of these crimes, there is often a gap in scope and time when these resources or services are not immediately available.

The FBI San Diego Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBISDCAAA) Victim Assistance Project is intended to bridge this gap and provide discretionary funding and services to help meet the critical needs of victims and assist in reducing the effects of trauma, which may include:

    • Clothes for rape victims when investigators must collect their clothes for DNA testing
    • Suitcases for victims of human trafficking who have nothing but a trash bag to carry their belongings
    • Lodging/accommodations and/or transportation for individuals and families fleeing violent situations
    • Dental or medical procedures for victims of torture and abuse
    • Meals for a community/congregation victimized by a hate crime

Emergency Victim Assistance Services

FBISDCAAA alumni and local businesses are encouraged to contact us to express readiness to provide a pro bono service or assistance to crime victims through the Emergency Victim Assistance Services program. Needed services include: dental, medical, clinical, and funeral services; lodging/accommodations; transportation and relocation assistance; restaurant meal preparation/delivery; venue use/meeting space for family assistance/resource center; and more.