Summer 2018 Announcements

FBI Honors Internship Program Applications Open

The FBI Honors Internship Program is a 10-week paid summer program for undergraduate and graduate college students. It runs from June thru August, with opportunities to work in the San Diego or Imperial Valley office or throughout the United States, including FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. Applications for the Summer 2019 program are open until October 14, 2018. Visit and view the Student tab for more information on the program and eligibility.

FBI Jobs

The FBI is seeking to diversify its special agent workforce as it hires more than 900 special agents in the coming fiscal year. Visit for details and the application. Please share this information with family, friends, and colleagues.

Connections Needed

Will you provide introductions to connectors of organizations who serve the high-school population? The FBISDCAAA seeks community partners to help us share the FBI-sponsored “Chasing the Dragon” documentary about the opioid crisis in America. We have an opportunity to create a “train the trainer” event as part of the CREST program, with an FBI agent as a guest speaker. If you or someone you know could be a good match to help us, please email Charmin Lindholm, Community Outreach Chair, at

Are you connected to a youth organization that we can partner with for community outreach? Our goal this year is to help promote FBI child safety materials. Here are a few highlights of FBI programs:

  1. Safe Online Surfing” is a free online cyber citizenship program for 3rd-8th graders.
  2. Don’t Be a Puppet” is an interactive website that makes teens aware of the destructive reality of various forms of violent extremism, including hateful attacks based on race, religion, or other factors. Teens learn how to recognize violent extremist messaging and become more resistant to self-radicalization and possible recruitment.
  3. It’s No Joke – Think Before You Post” is a social media campaign to bring awareness that hoax threats are serious federal crimes. Those who post or send these threats can receive up to five years in federal prison, or they can face state or local charges.

Will you provide introductions to the youth organizations you are connected to? Email Charmin Lindholm, Community Outreach Chair, at

Speakers Bureau

The FBISDCAAA recently developed a Speakers Bureau to inform the public about the history, mission, and priorities of the FBI. This information provides everyday citizens insight into the FBI’s role in combating the major threats faced by our country, as well as information about our FBI San Diego Citizens Academy. The presenters are civilian graduates of the FBI Citizens Academy who have been exposed, in detail, to the workings of the FBI at the San Diego office, FBI Academy in Quantico, and FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Through these presentations, our goal is to enhance awareness of the Bureau’s activities, dispel any misconceptions, and encourage the community to assist the FBI in its mission of protecting our communities and nation. Please contact Sheri Sachs at if you have a group or organization that would like to schedule a presentation.

FBI Celebrates 110 Years

The FBI was established on July 26, 1908, by Attorney General Charles J. Bonaparte with just 34 special agents and was officially named the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935. Since then, the FBI has grown to nearly 37,000 employees, including more than 13,500 special agents and more than 22,800 professional staff employees in 56 field offices, more than 400 resident agencies, and 90 legal attaché offices and sub-offices worldwide.

“Every day of every year, the men and women of the FBI come to work to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution—and after 110 years, the FBI is still giving 110 percent,” said FBI Director Christopher Wray. “We will continue to do the work the American people expect of us—protecting our country and our citizens from terrorism, espionage, cyber attacks, and major criminal threats—and we will continue to do it as they deserve, in accordance with our fundamental tenets of fidelity, bravery, and integrity.”

Did you know that President Teddy Roosevelt had a role in the creation of the FBI? In May 1908, Congress banned the loan of Secret Service operatives to any federal department, and Attorney General Bonaparte needed investigators to effectively enforce federal laws. Read the full article at